Certificate Template: Determining Compliance


At times it is important to determine if a client machine has a certain certificate installed from a certificate template. This script is easily deployable as an SCCM configuration item/baseline and will return the desired results in a true / false fashion.

Certificate Compliance on a Sample Machine

Deployed to this sample machine, we have configured the function to look for a Cisco ISE certificate. Here we can see the machine reports compliance.


PowerShell Function


  Determines if a certificate exists on the local machine that matches the template name
  Version:        1.0
  Author:         David Maiolo
  Creation Date:  2018-02-02
  Purpose/Change: Initial script development


function Get-DMGCertificateTemplateExistance{
    [Parameter(Mandatory = $true, ValueFromPipeline = $true, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName = $true)]

    #Set Certificate Template Existance Count
    $i = 0
    #Get All of the local machine certificates
    $cert = $null
    $certs = $null
    $certs = get-childitem cert:\localmachine\my

    #Loop through each certificate
    foreach ($cert in $certs){ 
        $temp = $null

        #See if certificate associated with Microsoft Chryptogrophy:  szOID_ENROLL_CERTTYPE_EXTENSION
        $temp = $cert.Extensions | Where-Object{$_.Oid.Value -eq ""}
            #Else see if certificate associated with Microsoft CertSrv Infrastructure: Certificate template extension (v2) szOID_CERTIFICATE_TEMPLATE
            $temp = $cert.Extensions | Where-Object{$_.Oid.Value -eq ""}
         #Create a New Value, Template, and see if it mateches the template name we are looking for
            $cert | Add-Member -Name Template -MemberType NoteProperty -Value $temp.Format(1)
            #If the template name is found, incrememnt the Certificate Template Existance Count
            if ($cert.template.contains($CertificateName)){

    #If the Certificate Template Existance Count is greater than one, we found a certificate with our template
    if ($i -gt 0){return $true; break}else{return $false}

function Invoke-DMGCertificateTemplateExistance{
    $CertificateName = 'Display Name of Certificate Template Certificate Was Created From'
    Get-DMGCertificateTemplateExistance -CertificateName $CertificateName


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