Are Scannable Fake IDs Worth The Hype?

The use of fake IDs is something that has almost become a norm among teenagers and adolescents. And to be candid, no matter how much is done to stop it, it doesn’t seem like a trend that will go down anytime soon especially when you consider how easy it is to get one these days with so many online websites claiming to produce them. Teens use it to do a lot of things and have some kind of fun that they ordinarily aren’t allowed access to.

Due to this, lots of schemes have been adopted to easily rattle out fake ID users and one of these schemes is the use of ID scanners. Interestingly, fake ID producers have risen up to this challenge by claiming to now make fake IDs that are scannable. However, how true is this? Are these scannable fake IDs worth the hype they get?

How do scannable fake IDs work?

For the vast majority of fake IDs, they are not scannable. This is due to the fact that the info which is encoded on the barcode or magnetic stripe does not correlate with what is written on the ID card’s front. Let’s assume the ID card reads that the name of the person is Dave Mathew but the name stored on the card says “Dave Mathias”. When this kind of thing happens, it becomes a lot easier for an ID scanner to spot that the ID in question is a fake one.

With a scannable fake ID, however, the story is usually different. What fake ID makers do in this respect is to just print new info on a card that has been already encoded with other information. It is a lot more difficult to encode the data that is stored on a barcode or magnetic stripe than it is to print on blank cards. As a result of this, it is very common for fake ID makers to buy pre-encoded cards in large bulks and then print various names, birthdays as well as addresses on the front of the cards. It is these cards that are known as scannable fake IDs. The thing here is that these cards will scan, even though the information printed on the cards does not match the one that is stored within them.


As you can see, scannable fake IDs are a lot better than the regular ones. To be fair, there are lots of things you might get away with using a scannable fake ID. Therefore, it can be claimed that they are good to a reasonable extent.

However, their usefulness is still limited because they are only best used where the scanner operator isn’t particular about whether or not the details match. Some operators think once it scans, best fake id,it is original. Unfortunately, many operators also go ahead to check if the info match in which case you might be exposed. The verdict here is that scannable IDs are cool, but they are not as awesome as they are made to seem because you can still get caught while using one.

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