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Deploying Windows 10 with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) There are a number of different ways Configuration Manager can be used to Deploy Windows 10. In-place Upgrade: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 to the latest version. The upgrade process retains the applications, settings, and user data on the computer. Refresh an existing computer (Wipe […]

by David Maiolo 2018-03-2018 Overview Co-management for Windows 10 Devices Starting with Configuration Manager 1710, co-management allows you to concurrently manage Windows 10 1709 by using both Configuration Manager and Intune. It’s a solution that provides a bridge from traditional to modern management and allows a phased transition between the two products. There are two […]

by David Maiolo 2018-03-16 Cloud-Based Management Service Overview Internet-based client management has been available for years in Configuration Manger, however it’s generally not very easy to setup, with an estimated 10% of Microsoft’s Configuration Manager install-base having actually used it. Starting with the Configuration Manager 1610 release, management of internet-based clients is now available through […]

Overview I created this tool, SCCM SUG to Configuration Baseline, to allow you to easily convert an SCCM Software Upgrade Group to a Configuration Baseline. This would most likely be used if you wanted to target a specific Client Setting or Application based on computers which fail compliance for a particular Software Update Group to […]

Overview I developed this tool, Run-DGMFireEyeHXCompliance.psm1, to test and confirm a FireEye Endpoint Security (HX) rollout in a corporate environment. Additionally, at the end of this document I have provided you with a FireEye HX Deployment Strategy approach for your corporate environment. For some background, FireEye Endpoint Security (HX) is an Endpoint Forensics product provided […]

Overview This article is meant to provide you an overview of common troubleshooting tasks centered around client health and upcoming SCCM components. I created several custom tools and scripts to aid in the detection and remediation of several SCCM related troubleshooting tasks. Snippets of those scripts are provided throughout. A Microsoft PFE assisted me in […]

What’s New in SCCM This guide is meant to summarize the latest features you can expect in the SCCM 1702, 1706 and 1710. Most of the information from these features was obtained by summarizing the information contained in Microsoft’s SCCM documentation. (What’s new in version 1710 of System Center Configuration Manager, What’s new in version […]

Overview I created this application, Threaded Computer Details, to allow you to have a single point of data aggregation for common SCCM, DHCP and Active Directory metrics on the computers in your environment, and wrap those metrics around a convenient program with search options. You can either search initially by computer name, or if User-Device […]

Overview This is a “Magic Offline Imaging Jumpdrive” I put together that can be used for OEM imaging or offline imaging where you still need to join PC’s to the domain but don’t have access to the network when the computer is being imaged. The idea is this “Magic Jumpdrive” would allow a trusted party […]

Overview Contained in this article are the tools to help you detect and remediate the Spectre and Meltdown security vulnerabilities. This remediation is accomplished via the following SCCM configuration items which I specifically developed for this purpose. Contained in these configuration items are several PowerShell scripts and return values for the configuration items, and may […]

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