Automotive Projects

I’ve always had an interest in the way cars work. Over the years I’ve completed¬†dozens of projects, and here are excerpts of my personal notes I keep on file. Some of these make their ways to forums or assist me in other projects. Some of the more interesting projects include:

  • Complete vehicle teardowns per the manufacturer’s factory service manuals
  • Transmission/ Engine teardowns and swaps
  • Wheel and transaxle upgrades
  • Electronic (performance) upgrades or changes

Documentation Thumbnails

maiolo_garage_projects_c4-page-001 maiolo_garage_projects_c4-page-003 maiolo_garage_projects_c4-page-004 maiolo_garage_projects_c4-page-005 maiolo_garage_projects_c4-page-006 maiolo_garage_projects_c4-page-007 maiolo_garage_projects_c4-page-008 maiolo_garage_projects_c5-page-001 maiolo_garage_projects_escort-page-001 maiolo_garage_projects_escort-page-002 maiolo_garage_projects_santafe-page-001 maiolo_garage_projects_santafe-page-002

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