Parallax and Bokeh Renderings


Ever wanted to create the look of background blur, or “bokeh” in your photos, but have a crummy camera or lens? I took several “flat photos” and added depth to them by generating a 3D depth map for the image.

For example, this is the original image of a corvette taken on a cell phone camera:

Corvette, Original Photo

and now I modify the depth map generated by Google Camera using Depthy 0.3.1 (created by Rafał Lindemann) or Photoshop of the vehicle and the surroundings. I used the layering concept that black is closest to the camera and white is furthest away.

Corvette Depth Map
Corvette Depth Map (using Depthy to generate)

With this we can now create a partial 3D model of the vehicle:

3D Vector Model of Corvette
3D Vector Model of Corvette

and finally using a tool, such as the Photoshop Lens Blur tool (with the depth map as the layer mask) or Depthy Tool to generate the final image:

Final image of Corvette with “Bokeh”

and finally create a parallax effect using Depthy:

Click to See Video – 3D Parallax Effect

Additional Renderings

3D_1 3D_2 3D_3 3D_4 3D_5 3D_7 3D_8 3D_9 3D_11 3D_12 DSC0001

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