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The Atlantic Magazine

As one of the lead photographers and correspondents covering a college graduation in New York state, I had the privilege of capturing a poignant moment that ended up being featured in The Atlantic’s April 2016 issue. Mikhail Zinshteyn, a contributing writer for The Atlantic and a program manager at the Education Writers Association, wrote an article titled “The Growing College Degree Wealth Gap,” in which my image was featured. Zinshteyn is known for selecting images from premier media correspondents such as The Associate Press (AP) and Reuters, so being included in his media selection was truly an honor.

The Atlantic Monthly, founded in 1857, is a literary and cultural commentary magazine that has maintained its relevance over the years by publishing quality writing on politics, foreign affairs, and the arts. Today, it has a readership of over 1.2 million people, making it one of the most influential and respected publications in the world. Being featured in The Atlantic was a proud moment for me as a photographer and correspondent, and it was a testament to the power of visual storytelling in shaping the narrative of important social issues.

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CATEMA Magazine

As a lead photographer and correspondent for CATEMA Magazine, I have had the opportunity to showcase my passion for mobile technology and operating systems. With my expertise in programming and hacking projects on Android and iOS devices, I have contributed significantly to the publication’s coverage of major stories and events. Through my images and written contributions, I have helped to bring to life the latest trends, developments, and innovations in the world of mobile technology. CATEMA Magazine is a popular monthly publication in Argentina, providing readers with the latest news and insights into the rapidly evolving mobile phone and technology industry.

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youth incorporated Magazine

As the director of an MMA championship documentary in Thailand, I had the opportunity to capture some of the most exciting moments of the event. My images and stories were featured in numerous publications, including the popular Indian magazine, Youth Incorporated. In the magazine, my work showcased MMA fighter Anthony Cordero and was featured in an article about managing sports stars.

Youth Incorporated is the leading youth magazine in India and is owned by Splash Publication Pvt. Ltd. The publication is committed to helping today’s students make career-defining choices and empowering them to become fearless leaders of tomorrow. With a young team of publishers, Youth Incorporated is a trusted source for the latest news and advice on education, careers, and personal development.

My work in this publication highlights the growing popularity of MMA in the world of sports and the dedication and hard work required to become a successful athlete. Through my photography and storytelling, I hope to inspire and motivate young people to pursue their passions and achieve their dreams.

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The Counter Terrorist Magazine

In May 2012, Colombia’s former Minister of Interior and Justice, Fernando Londoño, was targeted in an attack in downtown Bogotá. As a photojournalist on the scene at the time of the blast, I captured the aftermath of the attack and my photographs and story were later reported in the Counter Terrorist magazine, which is published and distributed internationally. The magazine, published by Security Solutions International LLC, aims to deepen understanding of issues related to terrorism and is a service to the nation’s first responders and homeland security professionals. The May 2012 issue of the publication showcased my material and included an article by correspondent Glenn McGovern on the attack on Londoño, which was one of the major articles in the issue. The blast killed Londoño’s driver and bodyguard, and around 40 people were reported to have been injured. The police blamed Colombia’s largest rebel group, the Farc, for the attack, which came just hours after police defused a car bomb near the headquarters of the city’s police. Londoño, who has been highly critical of the rebels, was hit by shrapnel and had to undergo surgery to remove a piece of metal lodged near his clavicle. Despite the severity of the attack, Londoño survived and my photographs and story helped to shed light on the tragic event.

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travelor Magazine

In January 2016, I had the opportunity to dedicate an entire edition of my small online travel magazine, “travelor,” to a women’s rights initiative that I had been focusing on for nine months. The result was the second issue of the magazine, entitled “Women and World.”

Throughout my travels, I had observed the various cultural and beauty standards that women face in different areas of the world. I was struck by the stark differences in what is considered “beautiful” or “acceptable” for women in different cultures, and I wanted to bring attention to this issue through my work.

The magazine features articles that explore the challenges women face, as well as their triumphs and successes in different cultures. Each article is written with a light tone, incorporating photography and travel tips throughout. It is my hope that “Women and World” will not only entertain and educate readers, but also inspire them to become advocates for women’s rights around the globe.

Through my work at Stony Studio, I am able to use my passion for travel and photography to shed light on important issues and make a positive impact in the world.


travelor: Getting Inside North Korea (November 2015, Issue 1)

For over two years, I immersed myself in the stories and culture of North Korea to produce the first issue of travelor magazine. Titled “Getting Inside North Korea”, this issue offers an unprecedented glimpse into the hermit kingdom, highlighting its unique and often baffling customs and practices.

To produce this issue, I spent months in North Korea, gaining firsthand experience and insights into its society and people. I entered the country from Beijing, China, and navigated through its strict regulations to bring readers a nuanced and authentic portrayal of this fascinating nation.

Through stunning photography and compelling narratives, “Getting Inside North Korea” uncovers the complexities of life in one of the world’s most enigmatic and closed-off societies. The issue also includes insider tips and advice for those who may be considering their own visit to this intriguing destination.

As a travel magazine, travelor offers a fresh and insightful perspective on the world’s diverse cultures and experiences. “Getting Inside North Korea” is a testament to our commitment to uncovering the hidden and often surprising aspects of the world around us.

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