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Overview At times it is important to determine if a client machine has a certain certificate installed from a certificate template. I developed this script, Get-DMGCertificateTemplateExistance, to to detect if a certificate was created from a particular template name. It could be run stand-alone or is also deployable as an SCCM configuration item/baseline and will […]

Overview The Local Administrator Password Solution is a great tool to help you manage local passwords on your corporate network. However, due to the non-persistant nature of some environments, such as Citrix VDI, it can become a security vulnerability as the local password will always be set back the original password set when the VDI […]

Overview I developed these PowerShell scripts to generate a daily email report of open tickets within the Software Desk Express software database. The scripts get the content via SQL queries against your SDE SQL database and are piped into my email reporting functions. At the very bottom of the email a section which tallies up […]

Overview I developed this tool, Get-DMGThreadedPingableComputers.ps1, to allow you to ping several computers in your environment at once though multiple threads, severely decreasing the amount of time required to return ping results on a large set of computers. What’s neat about it is you can easily get ping results on hundreds of computers in just […]

Overview I created this series of functions to allow you to conveniently take one or more PowerShell object and have it turn into an email report. For example, if you had a list of computers you have come out of a PowerShell script you wrote, these functions could help you turn them into an email […]

Overview I developed this tool to help you deploy Software Inventory Logger Servers. Software Inventory Logger collects Microsoft software inventory data on a per server basis and reports them to a central Software Inventory Aggregator. This utility can be deployed through SCCM and will setup a Software Inventory Logger Server. Because s Software Inventory Logger […]

UniversityLite Design Overview I developed UniversityLite as a rapid deployment e-commerce tool to market university products and information to university students over the web using PHP. In other words, UniversityLite creates, deploys and maintains university websites automatically using custom PHP function. As of 2016, this tool has generated and maintains over 7.000 websites with each […]

I have created a new system for deploying Microsoft operating systems called Network Image Deployment (NID). NID is a centralized deployment system that captures, maintains, and deploys computer images in corporate or educational environments, with hardware independence natively supported. The system is designed to reduce the costs associated with traditional deployment platforms, and can be […]

This mathematical analysis by David Maiolo explains the use of function points in software engineering system designs. Function points are a unit of measurement used to express the amount of business functionality an information system provides to a user. The cost of a single unit is calculated based on past projects. The analysis uses a […]

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