About Me

Academic Roots

My academic roots at Harvard University, where I completed my master’s, focusing on AI and Machine Learning, furthered the groundwork for my career. These years were marked by a blend of academic rigor and a burgeoning passion for the sciences and technology.

Professional Evolution

At Microsoft, as a Senior Solutions Architect, I delved into the Intune/SCCM space, embarking on a journey working with clients across the USA. This phase was instrumental in shaping my understanding of technology solutions and client engagement.

Entrepreneurial Leap

Founding DBGM Consulting, Inc., was a pivotal step, born from a desire to innovate in AI, cloud solutions, and legacy systems. It represents a culmination of my experiences, driving forward with a vision to empower and transform businesses.

Passion for Photography

Parallel to my tech career, photography has been a constant, capturing moments from North Korea to New Zealand. Each frame tells a story, showcasing my journey through diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes.

Interests and Philosophy

Beyond technology and photography, my life is enriched by hobbies like car restoration and playing the piano. These interests, coupled with a deep fascination for astronomy and physics, shape my worldview and influence my professional approach.