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One question continues to perplex and fascinate me: Can AI, in any form, possess consciousness? My recent interaction with Anthropic’s chatbot, Claude, continues to leave the question open. During our conversation, I posed the question of Claude’s consciousness. Predictably, Claude responded that it wasn’t conscious—a response likely pre-determined by its training. But, when challenged with […]

To Boldly go Where no Rover has Gone Before!: Investigate deep learning in embedded computer vision for Terrain Aware Autonomous Driving on Mars Harvard University Charles Lariviere, David Maiolo, Shawn Olichwier, Mohammed Syed April 24, 2023 Graduate Level Engineering Project Summary NASA’s Mars rovers, Spirit (2004), Curiosity (2004), Opportunity (2011), and Perseverance (2020), have all […]

Overview Alpaca AI is a fine-tuned language model built on top of Meta’s open-source LLaMA 7B. The project demonstrates the possibility of creating a powerful AI language model for a fraction of the cost typically associated with training large-scale models. By leveraging the pre-training of LLaMA 7B and fine-tuning it with custom instruction data, Alpaca […]

As part of a series of learning guides, this tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a TensorFlow NLP model using sequence-to-sequence (seq2seq) modeling. Specifically, we will focus on building a model for a chatbot application where the input is a question or prompt from the user, and the output is a response […]

How is ChatGPT So Powerful? A Look at the Hardware Behind OpenAI’s Latest AI Language Model By now, you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT, the latest AI language model from OpenAI that has taken the internet by storm. With 6 billion parameters and the ability to generate coherent and convincing text on a wide range of […]

This project is a chatbot application that utilizes the OpenAI API to generate responses to user input. The application is built using Node.js and Express for the server-side logic, and JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for the client-side user interface. The project also makes use of the Vite development server and a Vanilla JavaScript framework for […]

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