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As the director of an MMA championship documentary in Thailand, I had the opportunity to capture some of the most exciting moments of the event. My images and stories were featured in numerous publications, including the popular Indian magazine, Youth Incorporated. In the magazine, my work showcased MMA fighter Anthony Cordero and was featured in an article about managing sports stars.

Youth Incorporated is the leading youth magazine in India and is owned by Splash Publication Pvt. Ltd. The publication is committed to helping today’s students make career-defining choices and empowering them to become fearless leaders of tomorrow. With a young team of publishers, Youth Incorporated is a trusted source for the latest news and advice on education, careers, and personal development.

My work in this publication highlights the growing popularity of MMA in the world of sports and the dedication and hard work required to become a successful athlete. Through my photography and storytelling, I hope to inspire and motivate young people to pursue their passions and achieve their dreams.

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