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In May 2012, Colombia’s former Minister of Interior and Justice, Fernando Londoño, was targeted in an attack in downtown Bogotá. As a photojournalist on the scene at the time of the blast, I captured the aftermath of the attack and my photographs and story were later reported in the Counter Terrorist magazine, which is published and distributed internationally. The magazine, published by Security Solutions International LLC, aims to deepen understanding of issues related to terrorism and is a service to the nation’s first responders and homeland security professionals. The May 2012 issue of the publication showcased my material and included an article by correspondent Glenn McGovern on the attack on Londoño, which was one of the major articles in the issue. The blast killed Londoño’s driver and bodyguard, and around 40 people were reported to have been injured. The police blamed Colombia’s largest rebel group, the Farc, for the attack, which came just hours after police defused a car bomb near the headquarters of the city’s police. Londoño, who has been highly critical of the rebels, was hit by shrapnel and had to undergo surgery to remove a piece of metal lodged near his clavicle. Despite the severity of the attack, Londoño survived and my photographs and story helped to shed light on the tragic event.

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