2013 Local Trance – Compact Disc

I once embarked on a musical adventure that led me to experiment with different music technologies, resulting in a collection of two techno singles that I proudly named my “weird Sunday on the computer” project. I am grateful to Gerry the cat for providing the awesome photo that graced the album cover.

The first single, “404 England,” takes the listener on a thrilling ride through the underground techno scene in Britain, complete with pounding bass and electrifying beats that are sure to make any dance floor shake.

The second single, “You Know How You Love Mario,” is a playful tribute to one of the most iconic video game characters of all time.

Both singles were produced by Stony Studio, and I am proud to have added my own unique touch to the world of techno music with these creations.

Track 1 – Britain Presents – 404 England

Track 2 – You Know How You Love Mario

Produced by Stony Studio.

CD Art Thumbnails

david_maiolo_techno_CD david_maiolo_techno_back david_maiolo_techno_front david_maiolo_techno_CD_ON_TABLE

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