Online Publications

As a photographer with a vast array of work across different fields, my images have been featured in thousands of online publications and websites. Some of the notable websites where my work has been featured in the political and legal category include duke.edu, supremecourt.gov, teapartypatriots.org, and politicoscope.com, among others. My work has also been featured in science publications such as spiders.us, usf.edu, and polyvore.com. In the sports category, some of the publications where my work has been featured include blueshockey.com, newburykickboxing.org, and sportscience.org, among others. These publications and websites cut across different disciplines and have served as a platform for showcasing my work to a broad audience.

Online Publication Examples

news_1 news_2 news_3 duke_law_websitephucket_newsCapturemaiolo_web_screenshot_1

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