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Deploying Windows 10 with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Microsoft Deployment Toolkit is a collection of tools for automating desktop and server deployments. MDT performs deployments by using the Lite Touch Installation (LTI), Zero Touch Installation (ZTI), and User-Driven Installation (UDI) methods. Only MDT is used in LTI deployments, while ZTI and UDI deployments are performed […]

Windows 10 Deployment Solutions and Tools Windows AutoPilot Windows AutoPilot automates the process of setting up and configuring Windows 10 on new devices. It can also be used to reset, repurpose and recover devices. Windows AutoPilot joins devices to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), optionally enrolls into MDM services, configures security policies, and sets a […]

In this tutorial, I provide an overview of Process Monitor (ProcMon), a powerful Windows monitoring tool. I explain how to start and filter ProcMon, find changed values, enable boot logging, and run ProcMon against a remote machine. I created this tutorial to practice key concepts for my upcoming interview for the Senior Solutions Architect position […]

I created a tutorial for Process Explorer (ProcExp) to help me practice my skills for an upcoming interview to be a Sr Solutions Architect at Microsoft. Process Explorer is a tool within the Windows Sysinternals utilities that shows information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded. This tutorial covers a variety of […]

In this Netsh Networking Shell Tutorial, I explain how to use the Netsh command line scripting utility that has been around since Windows Server 2003. Although somewhat depreciated by cmdlets available in PowerShell, Netsh can allow you to view or change the network configuration of your local computer or a remote computer. The tutorial takes […]

This tutorial will introduce you to Group Policy, a tool that allows you to centrally manage and apply user and computer settings and restrictions to maintain a consistent computer environment. Group Policy is made up of Group Policy Objects that arrange registry settings in a meaningful way, and can be managed using the Group Policy […]

Windows 10 Servicing Model With Windows 10, a new model was introduced called “Windows as a service – WAAS”. Rather than new features being added only in new OS/every few years, WAAS will continually provide new capabilities. The Semi-Annual Channel is a twice-per-year feature update release targeting around March and September, with 18-month servicing timelines […]

This tutorial provides an overview of Active Directory (AD), which is a collection of services used to manage identity and access for and to resources on a network. The tutorial describes various AD services, such as Domain Services, Lightweight Directory Services, Certificate Services, Federation Services, Rights Management Services, and Flexible Single-Master Operations (FSMO) Roles, including […]

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