Low Photon Detection Assisted Transit Photometry for Extrasolar Planet Detection

This project involved designing and programming a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for very low photon detection assisted transit photometry to detect extrasolar planets. I worked with a team of design and electrical engineers to develop the final project.

I utilized CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design software and programmed using C/C# to create the project. The project structure includes the Pictavore Server, an ASCOM driver for Pictavore cameras, camera driver, filter wheel driver, focuser driver, and various .bat files. The ASCOM Camera Driver was developed in C#, and it produces an in-process (assembly) based driver.

In addition to my contributions to the programming and design of the PCB, I also assisted with testing and debugging the final product. Overall, this project was an exciting opportunity to apply my skills in programming and electrical engineering to a real-world application in astronomy research.

Beta solution testing in low-light conditions:

c7  dumbbell

hercules  m32

pinwheel PCB_4

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