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Network Image Deployment System

I have created a new system for deploying Microsoft operating systems called Network Image Deployment (NID). NID is a centralized deployment system that captures, maintains, and deploys computer images in corporate or educational environments, with hardware independence natively supported. The system is designed to reduce the costs associated with traditional deployment platforms, and can be used in a network environment with subnetworks for data segregation.

NID includes a DVD Boot compile for driver injection and custom scripting, making it easy to set up full-scale deployment environments on remote client machines. Additionally, NID is able to capture and deploy settings and supports various functions such as map drive, mount wim, and generate key.

This project was written entirely from scratch, using PowerShell and other technologies. It highlights my skills in Microsoft operating systems, network deployment systems, and software development. Please note that my previous version of NID, based on Microsoft’s deployment technologies, was used by companies like Xerox and The Write Source.

Documentation Thumbnails

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Automated ISO and EXE Compiling Based On User Variables

NID Network Diagram

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