Residential Remodeling Project

I undertook a project to upgrade the basement of my home in New York. The plans and designs I created were comprehensive and detail-oriented, incorporating both material purchasing requirements and final build specifications.

The design documentation I produced showcases my in-depth knowledge of building design and construction. It includes detailed floor plans, elevations, and specifications that were instrumental in the success of the project.

Additionally, I also undertook a basement upgrade project for an apartment in New York. The design plans were similarly detailed and carefully crafted, taking into account the unique requirements of the space.

The final build photos at the end of the document highlight the success of both projects and demonstrate my skill in transforming a space from a design concept to a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.

As an experienced building design professional, these projects demonstrate my proficiency in conceptualizing, designing, and executing complex construction projects. The design documentation thumbnails showcase the detail and complexity of the work I produced.

Design Documentation Thumbnails

maiolo_building_design_basement-page-001 maiolo_building_design_basement-page-002 maiolo_building_design_basement-page-003 maiolo_building_design_basement-page-004 maiolo_building_design_basement-page-005 maiolo_building_design_basement-page-006 maiolo_building_design_basement-page-007 maiolo_building_design_basement-page-008

Basement Design Project #2

Design Documentation Thumbnails

maiolo_building_design_havenwood-page-001 maiolo_building_design_havenwood-page-002 maiolo_building_design_havenwood-page-003 maiolo_building_design_havenwood-page-004

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